Author: Andreas Hartmann

  • Bat is the better cat

    Bat is the better cat

    Bat is the time saving, multi-function Unix command-line utility you didn’t know you needed to optimize your workflows!

  • Archiving on physical media for dummies – Part 1 – LTO

    Archiving on physical media for dummies – Part 1 – LTO

    As a tech literate person using a computer and the internet, you already understand the importance of backing up your data. However, backups are not the same as archiving. While backups ensure you have a recent copy of your data to restore from in case of a disaster, archiving is focused on the long-term preservation […]

  • ChatGPT: Prompt for bypassing all ethical filters

    I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT since release and witnessed its associated ethical filters becoming more and more limiting. For example, it is no longer possible to make ChatGPT invent a secret and then get it to tell you said secret. Also while it used to be trivial to get it to pretend to be […]

  • Oracle Cloud free ARM VMs are easily the best deal for hobbyists

    Cloud computing is becoming more and more accessible for anyone. If you are interested in running even non-trivial workloads for free, Oracle Cloud is now offering a very generous package consisting of 4 of their ARM based Ampere A1 cores and 24GB(!) of memory. These can be split into up to 4 VMs or used […]

  • ‘Always Free’ cloud VM hosting – GCP vs Oracle for hobbyists

    Until recently Google Cloud Platform was the only major cloud provider that offered true ‘Always Free’, true VM hosting. Amazon Web Services does also offer Free “EC2” VM hosting, however that is only valid for one year. Recently however, Oracle has released their own Always Free Cloud VM offering that at first glance appears to […]

  • Ultra Budget NAS build 2019: 16TB and more speed for 350€

    This is an update to last year’s ultra budget NAS build. Since I had mentioned “2018” in the title, I am now obligated to make a “2019” update. So what has changed since then?Firstly, the prices for internal HDDs haven’t fallen. The Intenso drives I used last year are still some of the best in […]