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  • Oracle Cloud free ARM VMs are easily the best deal for hobbyists

    Cloud computing is becoming more and more accessible for anyone. If you are interested in running even non-trivial workloads for free, Oracle Cloud is now offering a very generous package consisting of 4 of their ARM based Ampere A1 cores and 24GB(!) of memory. These can be split into up to 4 VMs or used […]

  • ‘Always Free’ cloud VM hosting – GCP vs Oracle for hobbyists

    Until recently Google Cloud Platform was the only major cloud provider that offered true ‘Always Free’, true VM hosting. Amazon Web Services does also offer Free “EC2” VM hosting, however that is only valid for one year. Recently however, Oracle has released their own Always Free Cloud VM offering that at first glance appears to […]

  • Yet another page redesign

    I decided to switch the main WordPress site from the Google Cloud back to (a different) hosting provider. Turns out a tiny Compute Engine costs at least 6 times as much to maintain and is actually way slower than just dedicated hosting despite my best efforts optimize every aspect of the software. For really small […]

  • New site!

    If you are one of the few readers who come visit from time to time, you may have noticed some changes. I decided that it was time for a fresh start and so I completely cleaned out the old blog, updated the backend, added SSL encryption and a new theme. From now on, instead of […]