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  • How to use any SMB share for Time Machine backups

    For some stupid reason, Apple only allows Time Machine backups to SMB servers that fulfill certain requirements. Some brand name NAS machines work, others don’t. I want to to use my AVM router for backups, but the application won’t let me. Googling reveals some old solutions involving custom scripts – which should work, but here […]

  • Migrating from Adobe CC to Open Source Software

    For several years my photo editing workflow went something like this: This comes with a few problems: I solved some of my issues with the following workflow:

  • How to play Homesick in resolutions higher than 1440p

    How to play Homesick in resolutions higher than 1440p

    Homesick is a beautiful exploration game. Unfortunately there is no official support for higher then 1440p resolutions such as 4k. Luckily you can edit the config files to set any resolution you want: Go to the Application directory. Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homesick\UDKGame\Config Edit UDKSystemSettings.ini Change the resolution as you please, for example:ResX=3840ResY=2160 Save, launch the […]

  • Yet another page redesign

    I decided to switch the main WordPress site from the Google Cloud back to (a different) hosting provider. Turns out a tiny Compute Engine costs at least 6 times as much to maintain and is actually way slower than just dedicated hosting despite my best efforts optimize every aspect of the software. For really small […]

  • Ultra Budget NAS build 2018: 12TB for 300€

    With the release of the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and me still looking to build a NAS (Network attached storage or home server), this ultra budget build was something I came up with: 2019 Update: Ultra Budget NAS Build 2019 Components for the Budget NAS build 2018 1x Raspberry Pi 3 Modell B+ ~35€ […]

  • New site!

    If you are one of the few readers who come visit from time to time, you may have noticed some changes. I decided that it was time for a fresh start and so I completely cleaned out the old blog, updated the backend, added SSL encryption and a new theme. From now on, instead of […]